• In Accordance with SOLAS Ch. XII Reg.12 and IACS unified requirement UR S24  Bilge alarm option for SOLAS X11/9 

  • Suitable for all kinds of cargo  Intrinsically safe type(EEx ia

  • Protected from failures due to dust & corrosion 

  • No need for additional mechanical protection 

  • Alarm override and override reinstatement  Patented Technology

Patent application no: 10-2003-0074007

Utility application no: 20-2003-0033158


  • Relate to SOLAS regulation XII/12, the Water ingress detection system should be installed to the all of Bulk Carrier regardless of their date of construction not later than the date of the annual, intermediate or renewal survey, whichever comes first, to be carried out after 1st July  2004.

  • The system is for the early detection of any leakage into all cargo holds, ballast tanks forward of the collision bulkhead(ex. F.P.T) and dry spaces
    (ex. bosun store) which extends forward of the foremost cargo hold. 

Position of Detection 

   1) Cargo Holds 

  • Pre-alarm  : at height of 0.5m from the inner bottom 

  • Main-alarm : at height not less than 15% of depth, but not more than 2.0m 

   2) Ballast Tank(F.P.T) 

  • At height not exceeding 10% of the tank capacity. 

   3) Dry or Void space 

  • At height of 0.1m above the inner bottom. 


  We supply two kinds of model(system) as customer's requirement:

  • WID-3000F(Magnet Operated float switch type)

  • WID-3000E(Conductive electrode switch type)

 The systems is consisted of Water detector, I.S barrier box for intrinsically safety and Main alarm panel for visual & audible alarm, etc. Each components were designed and approved specially for marine circumstance's endurance and convenient operation. Especially, it have the Override function for interception of alarm when the hold or any space is intended to loading ballast water. Moreover, it have the Malfunction monitoring function for power failure, line break & short circuit.

Water Detector(level switch)

  • Magnet Operated Float Level Switch ; TMS-100SF, TMS-100TF. TMS-100S

If the float is gone up to chamber-top by inflow of water, then the magnet which located at topside of float will operate the "Reed Switch" and the signal will be transmitted to main alarm panel through I.S. barrier box. The detector was designed specially for prevent of abnormal operation by any kinds of cargo.

TMS-100SF                             TMS-100TF

  • Conductive Electrode Level Switch : TMS-300SF, TMS-300TF

When two electrodes are touched by any electrically conductive liquid(sea water), the low value A.C circuit which impressed on two electrodes will be flowed between two electrodes. Then it will be converted to the contact-signal through I.S relay and the signal will be transmitted to main alarm panel.

  • You can select the detector as your intented installation area where in the Hold or Lower stool

Easy to installation and no needed any protection and filtration arrangements for all kinds of cargo.

Easy to dismantle and reassemble of float for clean and no needed any knowhow for detector.

Appling for a patent.

Patent application no: 10-2003-0074007   

Utility application no: 20-2003-0033158

Main Alarm Panel

Power supply

Main AC110V/220V, Stan-by DC24V

Alarm unit


24points input(Max. 11holds)

Power DC24V

Malfunction alarm

AC power fail

DC power fail

Line fail

Alarm override

By push button and indicated by lamp

Override re-instatement

Automatically on de-ballasting of cargo holds/WBT


1No. Pre alarm and Malfunction alarm

1NO. Main alarm

Time delay

Pre alarm-3sec, Main alarm-1sec

External output

1No. Pre and Main common alarm(NC contact)

1No. Malfunction common alarm(NC contact)

1No. Pre and Main common alarm(with DC 24V)

1No. RS 485 signal

Buzzer & Lamp test

Manually by push button


Manually by dial